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Stopover 1 : Lake



That's it, summer's here, it's the holidays! Sun, beach, lazing around and...music!
To accompany you throughout the summer, we prepared a series of video stories that tell our songs, talk about our inspirations, our travels... an invitation to take a journey to share with no moderation.

For this first stopover, we are offering "a few pure notes interspersed with silence that gently fly away like snowflakes on a frozen lake in Finland. LAKE is a journey that guides you into a timeless space where your soul reaches the point of "NO RETURN", creating the osmosis between you and this universe".



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Your journey will continue shortly with stopover 2. So stay on the lookout, get comfortable in your seat, activate the Birds Attitude by listening to LAKE, the journey goes on...



Back in 2013, I brought Dimitri in Eastern Finland, in a cottage in the middle of the forest. We stayed by this lake, and spent one week composing and recording music.

It was winter, the lake was covered by ice. To get water we had to make holes and, as for cooking, we put an old coal grill on the snow and prepared our meals outside by minus 10 degrees.
The special conditions definitively gave a special sound to the music.

This is one of the songs we were working on. It’s called "Lake" and, whenever I play it, I very easily see this landscape in front of my eyes.
We really wanted to have a little piece of the cottage session on our new studio album, et decided to use the introduction part that we recorded during the week, so you can hear the very same music that we have played here, on our new album "No Return".

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