Stopover 2 : Kokeliko



Do you know what Jazz, pop, trips to Finland and Africa have in common?

Hey... ? Shall we help you?

Watch this video story and discover the We Are Birds band.
Their music sounds like lively jazz with Afro-pop vibes.

Discover KOKELIKO, a track from the new album with captivating melodies flying from the Sahelian plains,

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Kokeliko is a tribute to Thomas Sankara, President of Burkina Fasso, who was assassinated. He was the African Che Guevara. He was murdered by his best friend, as if Africa is hard.

He defended anti-colonialist values, he was truly a revolutionary. In particular, he had set up something incredible, that was the national sports days. I think it was Thursday, if I remember correctly. And so, everyone dressed in training suit, somehow in a North Korean style, he made everyone do sports exercises; notably the nuns, on the tarmac of the Ougadougou airport. When I saw that, heard that, I said to myself "this guy, he's a good one".

And so, the song was taken from one of his speeches at the UN, which left a deep impression on me. The idea, afterwards, was to scissor out excerpts, isolate certain quotes and make a verse out of them. We then added the magnificent voice of Blick Bassy, who made incredible chants straight out of the African bush. Then our director, Yul, put it all through the mill and did a bit of electro-afro.

So why Coquelicot [a poppy, in French] ? Because the Poppy flower is short-lived, this president was short-lived. He was off to a good start, but he had little chance of making it. Red, like the revolution, like blood. And the poppy, too, guarantees a good soil.

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