Voline family - Waltz for Souls song

Stopover 3 : Waltz for Souls


"Waltz for soul" is a subtle and nostalgic breeze caressing the hair around All Saints' Day.
A gentle, kind thought for our departed.
A factual and felt acknowledgement of the fact that we do not build ourselves alone.
Waltz for soul... the waltz of souls.

BONUS : Download the Mp3 WALTZ FOR SOULS track : https://news.we-are-birds.com/waltz-for-souls-mp3




Waltz for Souls, is a song that is rather difficult to... to pronounce. It was born by chance in November. In NI was on my way to the recording studio for the We Are Birds album "No Return", at Yul, our producer.

I was on a scooter. There was a kind of greyness, melancholy. All the loved ones of my family who had disappeared came to me, especially the proud white Russian, etc... And a melody came to mind, then a second, and a third. When I arrived at the studio, I wanted to make it concrete on the piano. And then my buddies, so Yul, Manu, and Tuomas, decided to skip the day to devote themselves to this title and record it.

It wasn't a waltz at first. They turned it into a waltz. And I watched my friends through the window, magnifying the song, because I didn't really want there to be drums on this track. And that's how Waltz for Souls came about, which is a tribute, a waltz for souls, a waltz for the disappeared.