We are birds "no return" album cover

No Return, rated "must-have" record by Paris Move

A so colorful Jazz that he can't leave anyone insensitive.

First published in Paris Move [in French] by Dominique Boulay —thank you for this support!

We Are Birds is a project that started in 2010. It is first of all the meeting between a brilliant Finnish keyboard pianist, Tuomas A. Turunem and an amazing "urban griot", drummer percussionist, gourd player", Dimitri Reverchon. So here we are, at first, immersed in a certain Afro-Scandinavian crossbreeding on which a Nordic aerial jazz blows. These two then meet a third thief, rather hip Pop, Emmanuel Soulignac, who will be the Trio's double bassist. The line up of the formation is constituted, and since they aim to spread a northern afro-jazz breath, the elements are well in place.

We Are Birds will first skim a few jazz festivals in Marseille, Dakar, Porquerolles, before going into the studio. Ulrich "Yul" Edorh will be the producer of the album. Their musical concept is that of birds that can fly over Africa as well as over frozen Finnish lakes or the South of France... demonstrating that they are at home everywhere.

This formation pulverizes, erases, abolishes borders and offers a Jazz so colourful that it cannot leave anyone insensitive.
We Are Birds are going to invite several singers, 6, but also an accordionist and a guitarist, and their producer will participate to the keyboards.

For this album, three tracks are composed by the musician who comes from the cold, eight by the musician who comes from the hot, and one by the musician from the temperate climate. It is to a dreamlike journey that these three fantastic and multi-experienced musicians invite us to embark on a cultural and musical collaboration that surreptitiously crosses the point of no return. "No Return" is in fact the title of the opus, which will find a place of choice among the "must-haves" of the Paris-Move editors! Another way of saying that once you've tasted this music, it is impossible to turn back!

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