We Are Birds cité dans Froggy's Delight

A captivating music, with changing climates and meticulous writing

First published in Froggies' Delight [in French] by Jérôme Gillet —thanks a lot!

Cover No Return CD by We Are BirdsDon't rely on the cover, this record is nothing like crazy and unbridled jazz. We are here more in the air and the delicate than in the boisterous.

We Are Birds is the convergence of styles, the meeting between a Finnish pianist: Tuomas A. Turunem, the percussionist Dimitri Reverchon and the bassist, double bassist Emmanuel Soulignac. Together, and the notion of ensemble is preponderant with them, they make a travelling music, without borders: "We are open and curious. Today playing in the African heat, tomorrow walking on a frozen lake in Finland and the following week drinking a good wine in Provence".

This trio offers us a very melodic music, between jazz, afrobeat, pop, electro and rock. "In this ensemble, no one is afraid to bring their personal passions. The WAB music sounds like catchy jazz with Afro-pop vibrations, and that's what gives it such a strong personality". And if they blow hot and cold, they always do it with a lot of sensitivity, tenderness and poetry.

But a journey is even more interesting when you do it with friends, which is why We Are Birds takes the opportunity to invite to sing with them : Arnold McCuller, Hannah Tolf, Corinne Drai, Blick Bassy and Laurence Stevaux.

The result is a captivating music, sometimes dreamlike, with changing climates and meticulous writing...

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